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Why Join Us

Why join us?


  • We offer a wide range of schools to train in (17 across Leeds).
  • Our schools are geographically located all around the centre of Leeds.
  • We have significant experience within our schools in supporting and developing trainee teachers.
  • Because of our large capacity we have a co-ordination team who are instrumental in ensuring the programme runs effectively.
  • Our Professional Development Days provide very high quality training in a range of different schools.
  • We have invested in School Direct because we want to 'grow our own' teachers.


Testimonials from former Pathways trainees.

Testimonials from 2016/17 trainees 


'The training days were always well organised and I highly valued them.

The support from my placement schools was incredible!

I am extremely glad I chose Pathways and that they chose me, I feel they were completely the right choice of partnership.

I have my first job in a Pathways school and looking to the next 5 years I would be very reluctant to leave the Pathways Partnership.'


Hannah - Teacher - 2017


'High level of training when visiting schools.

Good level of support from Pathways trainers.

Able to visit a wide range of schools in and around Leeds.

I had the opportunity to gain insight into schools working in deprived areas and was able to ask questions and learn something from each setting.  The standards was very high!'


Lisa - Teacher - 2017

Testimonials for 2015/16 trainees


'I trained to be a primary school teacher through the Pathways Partnership on the School Direct route. I chose School Direct as I heard it provided a much more 'hands on' approach and really invested in you as a professional. The schools in the partnership really do take you under their wing and with such a large network of schools in the partnership, there were so many different areas of expertise that you could draw on. This is not a 'train them then abandon them' route, it is very much a comprehensive and caring journey. From trainee to graduate then onto employment, Pathways Partnership will be with you every step of the way offering all the expertise that the 16 schools have at their disposal. I am now in my second year of teaching at one of the Pathways Partnerships schools after being trained by the same partnership. The fact that the people that employ you have trained you really does take away a huge amount of the uncertainty around your NQT year.


Charlie - Teacher - 2016


'School Direct is an excellent route into teaching and I would highly recommend it.  The majority of the year was spent physically in school, learning and experiencing life as a teacher.  I felt fully supported by Pathways and staff in school and I also felt in control of my learning.  I have been lucky enough to secure a job in the school I trained in and continue to enjoy teaching and using the skills and knowledge that I gained from School Direct.' 


Jade - Teacher - 2016


'From the outset I knew that School Direct was the right path for me. Throughout my training with Pathways I felt supported and guided through the course.  My fellow trainees and permanent members of staff were always there for support and were a great help on several occasions. 


During my year in the School Direct programme I spent two terms teaching in a primary school in an inner city area of Leeds, which is culturally diverse and economically deprived. This presented numerous challenges and encouraged me to develop new skills and it also placed me in a position where I had a great deal to offer the children, which made for an extremely rewarding experience. 

Based on my personal experience of Pathways I would say that it is an effective way to obtain QTS and prepares candidates very well for a career as a teacher and I would recommend it highly.' 


Charlotte - Teacher - 2016


Professional Development Days are held within the partnership schools providing invaluable training and the opportunity to spend time with expert teachers.  They provide opportunities for the trainees to experience 'theory into practice' - i.e. to listen to teachers explaining the delivery of a subject and also to watch them teach.  Evaluations from some of the sessions are below:




'I found today interesting and relevant.  There are lot of things I can take from this training to use in my teaching.'

'It's very useful to hear about and see the ways in which different schools work and apply policies and strategies sharing best practice.'

'I always enjoy the learning walks and sharing best practice.'




'Really enjoyed seeing how Phonics can be made fun rather than just using the SMART board.'

'The training was useful and relevant.'


Reading & Writing 


'I managed to make some very useful notes that I will take forward into my teaching.'

'Seeing the books was beneficial and helped me understand more about marking.'

'The programme for the PHSE/Behaviour training day can be found below.'